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The Right Union Inc. The Right Union Inc.
To contribute more to the bright future of New Zealand the right people join The Right Party

The Right Union Incorporated

Join The Right Union to get vital benefits for your life:

At Work
(Employment membership)
In Life
(Lifestyle membership)
You can have both with Full membership


The Right Union helps at Work

Make sure you have chosen The Right Union
to protect your rights for the right employment.

You have a Unique opportunity to be heard, protected, and looked after by The Right Union.

Your Representative at work

If you have any disputes or issues relative to your Employment, write me confidential letter via Contact page form or talk to me in personal. Our mission is to make you feel protected and happy with your job.

Your Employment Agreement

To have the right Employment Agreement, you need to join The Right Union. Is that all? That is the minimum to have yourself covered. Your feedback and concerns about your Ideal Employment Agreement would be much appreciated. We will do the rest for you. Just join us to get access to anonymous discussions to your Meetings section of the website.

Your fair Wage/Salary

You go to work not because you have nothing to do or just enjoy working… Your standard of living depends also on your wage or salary and we are going to do our best for you to have the fair wage/salary to enjoy your life.

Your Health & Safety

Working environment is often with a higher risk of your Health & Safety. Health & Safety is not only about dangers and how eliminate them but also about comfort, ease, care and attitude. Let us look after you as our dear member by joining The Right Union.

Help with a new job

If you don’t have a job or want to change it, The Right Union can help to find a good job for you with fair wage or salary and friendly work environment where you will be well treated.

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The Right Union helps in Life

The Right Union is not only to protect you at work, but also about your overall standard of living to make your life more enjoyable. You will see how your small membership fee works for your well-being.

Active and healthy lifestyle

The right people live an active and healthy life but it is not always easy and affordable to have an active and healthy lifestyle. The Right Union unites the right people for our mutual benefits and more opportunities.

Traveling & Events

The right people are very curious and enjoy the Nature. The Right Union is going to organize good traveling options for the right people to see the world and Events to have more wonderful moments in your life.

New friends

The right people must have the right friends to enjoy the life. We are social creatures by the Nature. The Right Union helps the right people to be together to enjoy life and share its awesome moments with right friends.

Life advice

Sometimes life seems too complicated and you need advice in a difficult life situation like a problem in your family, depression, loneliness and so on. And there could be a situation you don’t want to share even with your friends. The Right Union will listen to you and give you a piece of advice. Just write me a confidential email and I will reply as soon as I can.


The life is not cheap nowadays. The Right Union is going to organize good discounts for the right people to save some earned money to get higher quality of life.

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