The right employment standard

The right lifestyle


Everyone makes mistakes, even organizations. We are all humans after all.
The Right Union helps organizations to identify those mistakes and encourages to resolve them and improve for the sake of the standard of living.

The black list of Employers and companies related to Employment is formed by Employees reports with facts about illegal actions of Employer such as discrimination, bullying, human rights violation, unsafe work practice and others, and for supporting the blacklisted companies

The Right Union recommends to avoid working for that employer, supplying it and buying its products.

Well, for some companies bankruptcy is the best option, as it means new owner with new management that brings new attitude to Employees.

To be removed from the black list, employer/company/organization should:
1) clear all reasons,
2) pay fee from Donate page,
Fee depends on the reason to be blacklisted:
Minor – $10000
Medium – $25000
Serious – $100000
3) contact us for a review and clearance or our service of EMPLOYER CERTIFICATION.

The Register of Blacklisted Employers will be published annually in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Europe, China etc.


Blacklisted Company Reason
Tenon Clearwood Limited Partnership, Taupo, New Zealand
– Discrimination,
– Bullying,
– “Bargaining” in bad faith,
– Not contributing their Compulsory Employer Contributions to KiwiSaver (for retirement),
– Serious Health and Safety issues,
– Use service of Aon New Zealand Unlimited to hide the facts of Health and Safety issues and not to pay to suffered from injuries at work Employees,
– Try to destroy our union, because I am a Russian immigrant who managed to organize a union to help nice Kiwi people. Sounds like Nazism isn’t it…?
– Responsible for a methodical damage to our Union property at the factory – notice-board,
– Firing our union members for being in our union,
– Punishing Employees for being our union embers by paying them less than anyone else,
– Offer financial benefits for leaving our union,
– Requested to come to HR office and offered to opt out of our union,
– Took our members to the production manager office and made them to quit our union,
– Doesn’t allow the union representative to visit the site to do the duties of representing the Employees,
– Many more to be added soon…
Aon New Zealand Unlimited/AON PLC (Aon/WorkAon) – ACC Claims Management. Medium
– Disclose personal information,
– Don’t follow agreed plan,
– Use inexperienced cheap “specialists”,
– Provide result Employer pays for.
As a result, Employees are not paid for work related injuries, as Employers don’t want to accept facts of injuries at work,
– Lots of negative feedback and complains on the Internet.
Advice: avoid working for companies with ACC accreditation as they use companies like this for this purpose.

Report a company with facts proving they deserve to be a the black list.