The right employment standard

The right lifestyle


In theory all employers should treat well and look after their employees as common sense tells us. It should be simply because without employees there is no business. It is Employees who make a product or a service and sale them to make profit for business owners.

Good team is a part of business success.
Employee satisfaction is another part of it.

From above it is clearly seen that an employer should look after their profit makers. But… as life shows us, employer could be too busy and simply miss something, thus the business can be not as effective as it may used to be and employees are not happy with their job or job environment.


The Right Union offers a service of employees satisfaction and work environment evaluation.

To successfully pass RIGHT EMPLOYER CERTIFICATION, a company must have:

  1. No migrant exploitation,
  2. No discrimination,
  3. No bullying,
  4. Right and fair Employment Agreement,
  5. Reasonable Health & Safety,
  6. Friendly and fair work environment,
  7. Sufficient facilities,
  8. Fair remuneration,
  9. Respect The Law, privet information and property,
  10. Other relative things.

As a result of an investigation by speaking privately with employees on site, Employment Agreement and work environment checks, The Right Union, as an independent third party, will give the employer recommendations without disclosing any names. As you understand, even with the best policy, no employee can say that he or she is unhappy with the employer…

After the check is done, we provide full report with our recommendations if there are any. If it is positive, we provide certification.

If it is negative for reasonable aspects, after correcting mistakes the employer can ask us for an additional check to see if all is fine now.

Alternatively, Employer can ask us as a Union to come on site to offer our support to employees to feel protected, safe and to be more efficient at work.


With positive results after our check that employer will be added to The Register of Right Employers, which attracts valuable employees, clients and customers, which in its turn, brings more profit and excellent reputation as a recommended employer.

Benefits of a certified Right Employer:

  • Adding to The Register of Right Employers,
  • Issuing the sign of Right Employer,
  • Issuing the Certificate of Right Employer,
  • Adding to The Register of Right Employers a permanent, indexing by search engines link to your website,
  • Recommending your company or organization as a good employer to potential Employees,
  • Growing positive reputation,
  • Being an example to follow.

Build your positive reputation with us!

Book Right Employer Certification now to be successful tomorrow.

Respect to Employees, respect to Employers, respect to NZ people.

Together we can make New Zealand better.

* Terms and conditions of certification may be changed without notice.
* A Right Employer Certificate is valid for 10 years.
* A Right Employer Certificate can be suspended and even invalidated on reasonable grounds with one month notice.