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Your right as an Employee to join a union.

You are protected by the Law of New Zealand since your intention to join a union and throughout your membership.

As an employee, you have the right to choose whether or not to become a union member. No-one (employers, managers, colleagues, union members or union officials) can threaten, or put (directly or indirectly) undue pressure on you:

  • to be or not to be a union member, or
  • to not act on behalf of other employees, or
  • to leave your job because you are or aren’t a union member.

A contract, agreement or other arrangement can’t:

  • require anyone to be or not to be a union member or a member of a particular union
  • give a person, just because they are or aren’t a union member or a member of a particular union, any preference:
    • for getting or keeping employment
    • relating to terms or conditions of employment
    • benefits
    • opportunities for training, promotion or transfer.

An employer can’t discriminate against an employee in their employment because they’re involved in union activities. Union activities include:

  • being an officer, management committee member, delegate, representative or official of a union
  • being a collective bargaining negotiator or representative
  • participating in a lawful strike
  • being involved in forming a union
  • submitting a personal grievance
  • being involved in making or supporting a claim for some benefit of an employment agreement
  • applying for or taking employment relations education leave.

The Law protects you from discrimination, bullying and other forms of unfair attitude towards you. All you need is to know your rights. The best way to warrant your rights work for you is to join a Union to have your legal representative at work.

The Right Union is your employment insurance.

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