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Any Employee from any part of New Zealand can join The Right Union Incorporated to protect his or her rights as an Employee and/or to improve your lifestyle and even find right friends.

Application options for your convenience

  1. [Online] Fulfill the form below. I will make a PDF file and Email it to you to print/sign/scan or take a nice even picture and Email me back.
  2. [Online/Offline] Download the form Application for Membership. Fulfill and sign. Scan or take a nice even picture and Email it to me to
  3. [Online/Offline] Take the form at our notice-board at work if there is The Right Union operating on site. Fulfill and sign. Return it to our Union delegate or scan or take a nice even picture and Email it to me to
  4. [Offline] Alternatively, you can return the signed form to your HR office and ask them to give you a copy and email us a copy.

If there are any questions, write me on Contact page.

Application for Membership

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Employment section

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Terms of membership

After you send the form your membership will be considered and I will contact you by email with the result.

When your membership is approved, I will make 3 copies, your copy of your application will be Emailed to you, another copy will be Emailed to your Employer and the another copy will be kept in the Union. Since then you will be protected by New Zealand Law and The Right Union Inc. and/or we will start helping you to enrich your lifestyle.

All our members will get access to the relative members only area of this website, where we can have meetings and discuss what we want.

The website, the Union and our services will grow with number of members.