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The Right Union is happy to organize English classes for our members in order to help them to achieve higher quality of life in New Zealand.
English classes and lessons are extremely helpful for immigrants, students, locals willing to improve their English, kind people who loves people and want to share their English skill and knowledge.

To attend our classes you need:
1) to join our union
2) to pay a regular membership fee
The classes are for free but it is highly appreciated if you donate $ on regular basis to help us to make the classes and lessons richer, to afford to pay rent and have events where you could practice English.

The list of available classes:


Do you want English classes in your town? Contact us.

1) Join our union
2) Pay union fee by automatic weekly payments from your bank account
3) Enjoy our classes? Donate to make them even better
4) Enjoy English lessons and kind people at the classes
5) Tell your friends about us and bring your parents. The more of us, the more fun =)

Welcome to The Right Union! An unprofitable organization where people are united to improve the quality of life!