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The Right Union Inc. The Right Union Inc.
To contribute more to the bright future of New Zealand the right people join The Right Party

Membership Fees

Unlike other unions that only collect union fees, we convert membership fees into our members care and improving your standard of living.

Our current Employment membership fee is as low as $5 per week and you will see how such a small fee can work for you.

If you wish to enrich your Lifestyle, get more excited moments in your life, make new and right friends and get other benefits you can choose type of membership “Lifestyle”.
Lifestyle membership fee is $5 per week for now till further notice on this webpage.

If you wish to have all benefits both at Work and in Life, choose type of membership “Full Membership”.
Full Membership fee is $10 per week for now till further notice on this webpage.

Check this page monthly if you chose “I wish to pay Union fees myself by Direct Debit automatic payments weekly.”

Members of the union must pay fees on regular basis weekly, fortnightly or monthly!

Bank account details:
Bank: ANZ, New Zealand
Account #: 38-9020-0594337-00
Name: The Right Union Incorporated

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