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Because some Employers do not want to make their Compulsory Employer Contributions to a retirement program like KiwiSaver, The Right Union wants to help those not-respected Employees.

Firstly, we are an incorporated society.
Secondly, we are a union.
We are going to use the right to borrow and to invest.

The Right Union Treasury

offers to our members

fixed income of 12% per annual.

Our union is young and needs money to grow. If you are our member, you can borrow us a part of your wages with a fixed 12% per annual with ability to withdraw a part of all of your money with 12 month’s notice.

Compare side by side in the table below.

KiwiSaver The Right Union Treasury
5% p.a. in average with a risk to have negative years Fixed 12% p.a.
Withdrawal is only when retired and with some exceptions Withdrawal is any time with a notice.
Financial support is only when it is very serious and only the minimum they decide. Financial support is any time, any reason and any money from what you borrowed us.

The current notice period is 12 months and can be changed by The Right Union any time. 12 months notice is because they will be invested and it needs time for them to work. The notice period could be reduced in the future.

You will be able to control the money in your account.

The money can be borrowed only from The Right Union members who gave their authority to represent.
You can borrow us up to 10% of your wages.
You can skip some payments if you need the money for your current expenses.
You decide every payday how much to borrow us this time.
It is easier to make it by regular automatic payments from your bank account.

If you don’t invest in your future, you will pay for it.

If you want to borrow us a part of your wages,

  1. Email us your application and attache your last payslip with a full normal pay.
  2. We will email you the agreement to sign and return to us.
  3. Set automatic payments in your online banking or a bank application.
  4. After the first money transferred, you will be given access to your account to control them.
  5. When you wand to withdraw or have financial difficulties, apply for it.

Overall financial report of our treasury will be provided on general annual meetings.

Thank you for helping your Union to grow!

We need money to be able to do much more for you.